Workshop "Local Energy Markets" at KIT

At the invitation of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) the pebbles consortium had the opportunity to present the project as one of nine projects at the “2nd ForDigital Workshop for Local Energy Markets” in Karlsruhe.

By presenting the various projects which are in different stages similarities and differences in the design of local electricity markets became clear. The use of blockchain technology as well as the advantages and disadvantages of premature (ex-ante) and subsequent (ex-post) market mechanisms were discussed controversially.

The joint presentation by Fraunhofer FIT and AÜW focused on the various market mechanisms and the integration of network services for more efficient management of the distribution network. All saw a great need for action in the reform of the current regulatory environment, which is currently largely preventing decentralized approaches to linking market consumption and local demand.

The pebbles consortium would like to thank KIT especially Mrs. Mengelkamp ​​for inviting us to this successful workshop.